Beeswax 4" Sphere - Deco

Beeswax 4" Sphere - Deco

Beautifully and intricately sculpted, then casted, these handcrafted, 4" beeswax spheres are a sight to behold.
A creation by in-house artisans, these candles are truly amazing while burning, casting a luminescent glow through their unique design. A Big Dipper Wax Works original!
Each candle will burn for over 50 hours.

To extend the life of your Sphere Candle, burn a Beeswax Votive or Beeswax Tea Light inside the sphere shell and continue to enjoy its luminous glow!

• 100% Beeswax
• Made in USA
• 5% of net profits supports environmental conservation

22-1731 D1

Our Price: 19.99